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Johan ten Houten

Senior Manager, Fraud Compliance & Analytics, Deloitte

Johan ten Houten has been involved in all aspects of computers and information security since he can remember. Johan studied electrical engineering at the Delft University of Technology. During this period Johan got involved with computer viruses and created in 1987 one of the first anti-virus programs. With this knowledge he acquired an apprenticeship in 1992 at the CRI (Central Criminal Intelligence Agency of the Dutch police). That training period increased his interest in technology and computer investigation further. Beginning 2005 Johan joined Deloitte where he took up his its old passion for IT Forensics. Johan leads the research and development of the IT forensic laboratory of and the teams doing the forensic cases. He has designed and built the Discovery Lab and heads a large team of investigators and developers. Johan is responsible for Financial Crime Analytics. Together with his team he helps organisations detect, monitor, investigate and prevent fraud, bribery or corruption.


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