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Jan Holmes

Head of IT Training, Clyde & Co LLP

Jan is Head of IT Training at Clyde & Co, a law firm that has grown rapidly during her time there, currently having over 40 offices worldwide. The IT Training Team has expanded with the size of the firm and now has 9 trainers based in the UK, Middle/Far East and America. Working closely with the Business Services Manager at Clyde & Co Jan put in place a SuperUser structure in two UK offices, whereby SuperUsers are trained up and paid to provide additional support to their colleagues. This is a model Jan has subsequently given lectures on, and is now widening at Clyde & Co with SuperUsers being recruited in all UK offices and plans are afoot to expand the model/structure to all offices globally. Jan is an active member of the IT Training Managers' Forum, comprising a group of like-minded professionals from a wide variety and size of law firms, which meets quarterly to share experience and to discuss ideas and innovations within training. Jan is one of the founder members of LTC4™. LTC4™ Core Competencies maximise the use of a firm’s technology to support the practice of law through industry standard core competencies and certification. As a non-profit organization, LTC4 has established legal technology core competencies and certification that all law firms can use to measure ongoing efficiency improvements. The coalition has developed two distinct certification paths - one for lawyers and another for support staff – that benefit all law firms by having a commonly recognised industry standard for each audience.


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