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Corinna Schulze

Director, SAP and Digital Europe

Corinna Schulze is Director, EU Government Relations, Global Corporate Affairs at SAP. In her current position in SAP, Corinna is responsible for public policy matters related to Data Privacy and Security. She follows closely the current revision of the general data protection directive at European level as well as looking into data protection aspects related to security matters. Her fields of expertise are data protection, privacy, law enforcement and cyber security. Corinna also participates in the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), which presents the industry-led contractual counterpart to the European Commission for the implementation of the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership.  The objective of the BDVA is to boost European Big Data Value research, development and innovation and to foster a positive perception of Big Data Value.  Corinna holds a law degree with the University of Münster, Germany and her bachelor law degree with the district court of Düsseldorf.


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