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Bernard Taverne

Partner, Lean2Legal

Bernard Taverne is the founder of Lean2Legal. Lean2Legal supports law firms to adapt themselves to the law firm of the future. The leading principles here are “client insight is key to understand what is the value for the client" and  "firstly control the  processes, secondly improve in a controlled way". Bernard is convinced & passionate about the Lean & digital opportunities in the new (client) reality for law firms. To  offer a better client value and at the same time a more cost effectiveness delivery in the practice of law. Bernard has gained his Operational Excellence & Lean experience in the professional services industry; in various roles with a focus on changemanagement and with various employers Fortis, ABN AMRO, Accenture, Aegon; in the Netherlands and abroad (China). Bernard was program manager of Aegon's Lean journey "to get closer to the customer", right from the start in 2006; this was one of the first Lean deployments in the Insurance industry in the Netherlands. Bernard holds a degree in Business Law (Leiden University, Netherlands).


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