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Abraham Stalknecht

CEO, SemLab

Abraham Stalknecht (MSc) is the chief executive officer of SemLab. He has 15 years experience in big data financial trading services (Goldman Sachs, NYC), artificial intelligence information technology & innovation development (Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Germany),  and AI innovation development  (TNO Research, The Netherlands). His focus is on information technology driven markets with extreme data processing and -management needs, e.g. big data-, quantitative-, low latency applications. He successfully implemented innovative information technology solutions in news analytics, quant services, hedge funds, health care, law enforcement-, government-, and asset management markets. He was managing multimillion euro computational linguistics/ big data projects and exploited results from funded projects into the market. He received his master degree, business administration & AI Information Technology, at the University of Twente (The Netherlands). Abraham publish news for Financial Times as a journalist in low latency applications like DebtWire and DealReporter. Together with his team he holds four (pending) patents in the field of semantic web and fuzzy logic (artificial intelligence)  based decision support for applications in algorithmic law enforcement, trading, finance and drugs discovery. His specialties are; Semantic Web technology, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Innovation Development, High Frequency, Quantitative Algorithmic, Artificial Intelligence applications (risk management, law enforcement, healthcare). Abraham developed with his team the largest AI legal content application in The Netherlands for the Public Prosecution Service. The application is for offense classifying, automatic extraction filtering and semantic search in millions of police reports and other investigating criminal offence documents.


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